Great Medical Minds Demystify VITT Furore on Medtalkz

Speakers at last Thursday night’s webinar on the topic of the Covid-19 vaccination rollout in SA included Professor Barry Jacobson, head of Clinical Haematology at the NICD and Professor Ian Sanne, whose immense efforts in collaboration with the Sisonke protocol (responsible for the vaccination of over 300 000 healthcare workers thus far) have earned him widespread praise and acclaim amongst his peers.

The duo provided insightful update on the latest developments and demystified the most recent furore – the halting of the rollout due to potential Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT).

Both speakers lent some much-needed perspective to the discussion around these risks and both were unanimously against the rollout’s pause, citing scientific medical evidence that the government-sanctioned delay in distributing the Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine was unwarranted. Among the reasons given, was that the VITT risks associated with Covid itself far outweigh those engendered by the vaccine.

Facilitated by Medtalkz – SA’s pioneer CPD-accredited online medical education initiative – the online lecture was attended by some 1300 strong healthcare providers representing diverse fields of medicine. The talk stood as a testament to how critical online education and digitized CME are in today’s world of fast evolving medical knowledge. New information around Covid is being published every day, and Medtalkz has been at the forefront of assisting healthcare practitioners to stay up to date with current information that can be applied to providing better care to patients.  

Since its inception Medtalkz has made available a vast array of online, CPD-accredited talks across all fields of medicine. Weekly webinars provide cutting-edge medical information and are made available online for streaming at a later date – also with CPD points.

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